Photography by Vincent Mistretta


Black Crowned Night Heron on the Hunt

07.25.11 | 4 Comments

Black Crowned Night Heron Hunting Reflection

The bird count has been pretty good the last few weekends. I know some have been complaining about not seeing many birds however that has not been the case on Long Island.


  • On 07.25.11 Robin Robinson wrote these words:

    Nice! I just had a fellow ask me for an image of the BCNH as he wants to tatoo the likeness on his arm! That’s very creative!

  • On 07.25.11 Vincent Mistretta wrote these words:

    Hi Robin,
    Thanks for the comment and thanks for stopping by. That is the first time I have heard of anyone looking for tattoo designs on a birding site!

  • On 07.25.11 Richard Sanders wrote these words:

    Great photo. And it’s making me hungry.

  • On 07.26.11 Vincent Mistretta wrote these words:

    Thanks Richard

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