2012 is Starting off as a Great Birding Year!

Over the Christmas break, I thought I had seen a Northern Flicker flying around the yard. Then one day I was sure I had seen one on a perch by the feeders. I know they are considered a common bird but they are difficult to get good glass on…..until recently!

Northern Flicker Facing Right
Northern Flicker Facing Left

I wish I could blend these two images into one. If you look closely at the tail feathers for the bird facing right, you will see a yellow tint. The east coast variety of Northern Flicker is called yellow shaft due to the yellow feathers. The eastern version also has a red crescent on its nape, which the west coast version does not.

Which of the 2 images do you like best?

Images captured with Nikon D700, 600mm f/4 w/TC-e17 II on Lexar Digital Film

4 thoughts on “2012 is Starting off as a Great Birding Year!

  1. A Creative Adventure/denise ippolito

    Vincent, I love the top image. Sharp, nice pose and a beautiful BG!

  2. Vincent Mistretta Post author

    Thanks Denise, I really wish I were able to capture the red nape and the yellow tint in the tail feathers in one image. I guess I will have to keep trying, one of the beauties of photography, you can always do better!

  3. Vincent Mistretta Post author

    Thanks Robert. I could certainly photoshop the 2 but I don’t photoshop any of my wildlife images, I follow photojournalism standards when it comes to chronicling wildlife.
    Best, V

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