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As many of you know I love to do research. I have been doing quite a bit of research on wildlife and birds in general over the last few years. I started following some new birders via their websites, the result of both in person meetings at birding events, Facebook (BwBTC) and Google+. Those people are Mia McPherson, Kathie Brown, Steve Creek, Scott Simmons and Dan Huber.

As I spent more time researching their websites, I was drawn to a common online magazine that they were all contributing to. That magazine or portal is Birding is Fun. Birding is Fun is a great place to learn about birds, gather information, and be presented with resources to further your birding education. So far I am really impressed with the people involved with Birding is Fun and look forward to learning more from their contributors. I am honored that they presented my profile on their website today.

Birding is Fun, Vincent Mistretta Profile

2 thoughts on “Birding is Fun – Birder Profile

  1. Robert Mortensen

    I have been hoping that people would start to see “Birding is Fun!” as an “online magazine” about birding, more than just a birding blog. Thank you for saying that in your post. Maybe I’m finally getting there with this endeavor! So honored to have your profile up today. Best wishes, happy birding, and happy holidays to you and yours!

  2. Vincent Mistretta Post author

    Thanks Robert. I also hope that people start seeing the value in the creation and sharing of content, real time, that you, I and others work hard to present. I really do view your site as more than just a blog and I believe that in the future traditional magazines and blogs are on a collision course that will create something special!

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