It’s Time

Time…….the word has so many different meanings and uses. The one commonality we all share is that we never have enough.

A lot of people have asked why I stopped blogging so suddenly. The short answer is I ran out of Time. For the last few years I have been dealing with a personal tragedy and I realized I needed Time to heal. In typical Vinnie fashion I took 100% of the excess energy and Time I had after being daddy and a great Sheppard of my investors money and put it toward finding myself. As the healing process moved forward I realized a part of me suffered and that part was my love of photography. I missed it and I needed it. I use photography to exercise the right side of my brain. I also love the serenity of being in remote locations at sunrise or sunset, a place usually devoid of others at that time. Sunrise to me is as if God is renewing everyone’s spirit and soul, at least that’s how I feel after each and everyone. It’s a symphony of life that knows no boundaries or limitations.

North America, United States, Ohio, Oak Harbor, Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Birds, Songbirds, Warblers, American Redstart
American Redstart singing : Prints Available

While I wasn’t sure if this day would ever come….blogging again or even updating My Website….I realized I missed getting behind the camera and sharing visual stories. There is something special about an image. Its a slice in time, something specific to think or meditate about. In part the Time required to capture that story was also Time I needed to find myself. One helped the other. Like so many things in life the two had a symbiotic relationship. So I dusted off my bucket list and with the excitement and apprehension of a child headed for the first day of kindergarten I took my camera out and made many clicks. The place I chose to start my new journey? Magee Marsh in Ohio. I couldn’t think of a better subject, “migration” given my personal situation was a migration of sorts.

North America, United States, Ohio, Oak Harbor, Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Birds, Songbirds, Warblers, Magnolia Warbler
Magnolia Warbler in the rain : Prints Available
North America, United States, Ohio, Oak Harbor, Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Birds, Songbirds, Flycatchers, Eastern Wood Pewee
Eastern Wood Pewee in the rain : Prints Available

So now I’m bringing my camera with me everywhere again. I just returned from Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks which I will share with you all soon. And I have a trip to Yellowstone planned for January (I never had the fortune to visit Yellowstone and now I’ll be there twice in six months)!

Birds, Songbirds, Warblers, Northern Parula, North America, United States, Ohio, Oak Harbor, Magee Marsh Wildlife Area
Northern Parula in the shade : Prints Available

In order for anything to grow and flourish it needs Time. Your family, job, relationships, photography…..all need Time. Make sure you are devoting all the Time you can to the things you love. My hope is the investment of Time to something I love so much will help guide me through my own personal migration.

4 thoughts on “It’s Time

  1. Elizabeth Richer

    So glad you are back to the photography that you do so beautifully, and that this artistry and practice has been helpful and renewing. I will be eager to see the other photographs you’ll share!

  2. Kathie Brown

    Vincent, I am so sorry for your personal tragedy. I am so thankful you are doing what you love again. These are the things that bring us joy, bring us peace, and make us feel alive again. I understand your need to be alone with Nature, and that blessed feeling you mentioned when you are out there alone at sunrise. I pray you have many more such mornings. Very lovely photos!

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