I had planned to stay at St. Mary Lake for an additional day and a half to practice what we had learned during base camp. Having some free time to decompress and practice what Moose and Jake taught us was actually more beneficial than I thought it would be.

Black Bear along Going to The Sun Rd., St. Mary Lake, Montana
Black Bear along Going to The Sun Rd., St. Mary Lake, Montana

One of the themes Moose was harping on me all week was not to take too many “head shots” and to think about how to present the animals in their environment when communicating with your viewers. I tried to practice this much of the day.

Elk in Glacier National Park
Elk in Glacier National Park

But the highlight of the day for me came right at sundown when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a Coyote targeting a meal. After working the spot I was able to get this shot when he came out of the brush!

Coyote, Glacier National Park
Coyote, Glacier National Park

5 thoughts on “Solo

  1. Elizabeth Richer

    Your photographs are stunning! I was unaware of your significant talent in this area — so glad that I happened upon your website! Hope all is well…

  2. Vincent Post author

    Thanks Elizabeth,
    It is a hobby that I have always enjoyed. I decided that life is too short and that I should expend more significant energy and time toward it so I started the website and blog. I cant believe how many people stop by and view the 2 sites. I get some great feedback on it. Job search is going well, I am working on a host of different things. Kids are good, glad to have them all home.
    Stay well and look forward to seeing you soon.

  3. Vincent Post author

    Sorry for the slow response. Your email was in my spam folder and I did not see it. Thanks for the info and I will correct it now. Thanks for reading the blog. I am currently in Maine chasing some Moose!

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