Photo Journal: Salmon Snorkel Shake

September 18, 2023  |  Kodiak, Alaska

Floating down the Uganik River in Kodiak Alaska, we spotted this female snorkeling for Salmon. Her two first year cubs were in the distance learning from mom.

Salmon Snorkel Shake
Kodiak Island, Alaska, United St

Salmon Snorkel Shake. Photo © copyright by Vincent Mistretta.

I loved that the background in this image was dark and far enough away to make her shake standout. What I don't like about this image is the result of floating in a boat as the image moved too high in the frame for my liking. It's one of the difficult things about photography. You have to put your time in to be in position for the shot. Getting "the shot" you visualize before a trip is a completely different story. I guess I will have to head back this year and try again!