Mallard Ducks

I have been stopping by Greenwich Point in hopes of finding some birds. The incredibly warm weather seems to have changed the feeding habits of what I would have considered common shore birds and even backyard feeder birds the last few weeks.

Mallard Drake
Mallard Hen Doing the Shake
The Happy Mallard Couple

My schedule the last few weeks also hasn’t helped me be in the right spot at the right time when photographing birds. Sunrises have not been kind and when they are good, they don’t seem to match high tide which is important on the coast of Connecticut. At many of the beaches and parks that allow public access (don’t get me started with that one), low tide could mean you are several tens of yards away from the birds. Unless you are using the Hubbell Telescope, you won’t have enough glass in that situation ;-).

Images captured with Nikon D700 w/600mm f/4 and TCe-1.4 II on Lexar Digital Images

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