Monday Musings – Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

So my bags were backed and I was ready to go……No I am not practicing for a John Denver tribute. I was getting ready to load the car and make my way to the airport when the phone rang. Dont you hate when the phone rings when you are leaving for a trip?

African Lion Napping on the Road

So needless to say, my trip to Florida and my very first Photoshop World was scratched. A lot of planning went into selecting locations to photograph, times of day to be there, speaking to locals to get info so when such a trip is canceled it is disappointing on many fronts. Instead I’m back to tending business and family this week. I plan to photograph some new locations in and around Connecticut this week. Since I will not have new Florida images to share with you, I will work hard to pull something out of my hat. 😉

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