Great Black Backed Gull – Which Do You Like Better?

I thought this Great Black Backed Gull was a beautiful bird from the moment I saw it.

Great Black Backed Gull Portrait

The light that was falling on it was a little harsh but in certain spots you could see great detail in the bird. As you can tell the bird is a large gull. In fact, the Great Black Backed Gull (try saying that fast 10 times) is the largest of all gulls in the world.

Great Black Backed Gull Full View

Of the 3 images, which do you like best?

Great Black Backed Gull Long

Images captured with Nikon D700, 600mm f/4 on Lexar Digital Film.

9 thoughts on “Great Black Backed Gull – Which Do You Like Better?

  1. Vincent Mistretta Post author

    Thanks for the comments and things for stopping by my site. I appreciate the feedback. I agree that a tighter crop would have been better. I need to move closer next time!

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