Green Heron, The Hunter

Which image do you like better?

Green Heron Hunting, Extended

I think I like the first image best as you don’t often get to see a Green Heron fully extended. Seeing the neck muscles bulging makes the image.

Green Heron Hunting, Aiming

What I don’t like about either of these 2 images is that the branch crosses the birds beak. I takes what would have been a lovely image given the beautiful background and screws it up. I hate when that happens. Thats why wildlife photographers have to have a lot of patience, you need to put your time in behind the camera to have an opportunity to get the shot. Then you still might not get what you want! Wildlife photography reminds me a lot of the instructions on the shampoo bottle, wet, wash, rinse, repeat. We do a lot of repeating in wildlife photography!

Images captured on a Nikon D3x w 600mm f/4 w TC-14e II on Lexar digital film.

6 thoughts on “Green Heron, The Hunter

  1. denise ippolito

    I like the first one with the tip of the stick evicted, but the second one as is.

  2. Mia McPherson

    I like them both as is Vincent and I don’t mind the bill crossing the branch one bit. It shows the bird in its natural environment doing what comes naturally.

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