Monday Musings – Looking for a New Backyard Bird Feeder?

I have a few projects that I want to complete over the holiday break. One is to create a backyard bird photography studio. I decided to accomplish this in two ways, one with a purchased product that I will customize and the other with a completely home made solution. I think I found the purchased product that I am going to customize, its called “The Effortless Birdfeeder“. It should arrive this week and I am looking forward to working with it.

Effortless Bird Feeder

So here are my thoughts as to why this is the perfect portable backyard studio. I plan on adding perches all over this thing. When I am finished, this product will be the back yard birders equivalent to “Pimp My Ride”! These perches (branches I will attach with zip ties) will allow for birds that want to approach the feeder to rest and check for predators. This, my theory supposes, will allow for peak of action photography.

The mobility aspect of this feeder, allows me to move the feeder to control light and background. Depending on the time of the year will depend on where I place the feeder and subsequently the perches. I will report back next week with detailed pictures showing what I did to the product and how it performs with my customizations. I have had a lot of questions from people asking me for help with setting up their backyard for better bird photography and I think this could be a relatively easy solution to many backyard photography problems.

Note: Photo courtesy Effortless Bird Feeder website.

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