New Species in my Yard

I was thrilled to see a new visitor to our feeders yesterday.

House Wren

While I know House Wrens are considered a common species, I have not had the pleasure of sighting and/or photographing one. When I first saw these 2, I thought for a minute that they might be in the Nuthatch family. I was especially drawn to this conclusion by the tail position of the Wren in the the photo below.

House Wren Singing

However, after doing some research I realized it was not a type of Nuthatch but in fact a House Wren. Apparently my incorrect species identification is a common one ;-).

House Wren 2

I believe based on comparing these images that this must be a mating pair. I did in fact place a wren box on the edge of the woods this past winter hoping it would provide some shelter for some of the birds. I suspect that these Wrens have either been using this box and that I have not seen them before or the more likely scenario is that these two found our feeders on their migration south.

Images captured with Nikon D3x, 600mm f/4 w/TC-14eII on Lexar digital film.

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