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September 2009

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    Connecticut Audubon Society Coastal Center at Milford Point

    I have heard a lot of things about the Connecticut Audubon Society
    Coastal Center at Milford Point
    and decided to check it out. I decided to visit the center on the day it was closed, Monday, so that I could make my way around without a lot of traffic. I found the center to be a great place, one I plan to visit many times this fall. It is equipped with a three level viewing turret that brings the observer up to roof height of the center.

    I’ve been told that the salt water marsh area is a major migratory stop for over 300 species of birds and that fall and spring are the best bird viewing times from this location.

    Connecticut Audubon Center Salt Marsh

    Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center Salt Marsh

    I had planned on practicing my panning while at the center. I had one problem, I don’t have a 600mm lens! As you can see from the image below, the best angle to photograph flying birds is from the top of the observation deck. This picture was taken from the ground and as you can see, the houses on the other side of the salt marsh create a bit of distraction.

    American Black Ducks flying over Milford Point

    American Black Ducks flying over Milford Point

    The center even had a nice array of bugs to photograph. All in all I will be back to this location soon.

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    Slim Pickens

    So this is my first fall with a full set of bird feeders on the property. I started this winter with just one all purpose Squirrel Buster Plus which was pretty good at discouraging the squirrels. I added a thistle feeder for small song birds this summer as well as a hummingbird feeder which was a must have according to my daughter! We have been busy getting the kids off to school so sitting in the yard taking pictures was not high on the priority list the last few weeks. I had some time this weekend to relax and enjoy the perfect “10″ weather and take some bird pictures. Away from the Downy Woodpeckers, Tufted Titmouse’s and White Breasted Nuthatches, I think my flock has flown! It has been very quiet the last few days so I assume that the migration has started.

    Tufted Titmouse

    Tufted Titmouse

    White Breasted Nuthatch

    White Breasted Nuthatch

    I will be watching closely the next few weeks to try and learn more about the migration patterns in the area and I look forward to seeing what species the cold weather brings to our feeders.